Start earning with LayerAI

Follow our short step by step tutorial to jump into the LayerAI ecosystem and start earning.
step 1

Download LayerVPN

You’ll need a LayerVPN subscription to activate AI2Earn on your account. Subscribe from as little as $0.19 a day.
step 2

Download the LayerAI app

Download LayerAI from the IOS Store or Google Play Store.
step 3

Purchase a Data Capsule NFT

Stake $LAI on farm.layerai.org or purchase one from the marketplace.
step 4

Equip your Data Capsule

Once you have purchased your Data Capsule you will need to equip it in the LayerAI app to start activating AI2Earn.
step 5

Log in to your LayerVPN daily

This is the second and final step to activate AI2Earn.
step 6

Claim rewards in the LayerAI app

Head over to your wallet on the home screen in the LayerAI app to view your DATUM token.
step 7

Refer friends for increased earnings

Refer your friends using your referral code to receive 50% of their subscription value (net after app store fees).
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