LayerAI: DePIN Focused on AI

DePINs is an acronym for Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Networks. It is a term that connotes projects developing blockchain-based management systems for real-world facilities like marketplaces for computing power and real-world data.
DePINs use incentivization systems powered by cryptocurrency to build a reward-based system for providers of crowd-sourced physical infrastructural services while promoting decentralized alternatives for known traditional facilities.
The DePIN concept has a versatile scope and stretches through a handful of vital operational systems in industrial and everyday aspects.
LayerAI is building a DePIN focused on AI, utilizing Data Economy App and LayerVPN as nodes, and applied to various industries. The LayerAI's DePIN is hosted on our native blockchain network, built with Polygon CDK.

What is DePIN?

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LayerAI builds its own zero-knowledge layer-2 network on top of Ethereum, using a low-cost, secure, safe, and private zkRollup technology to turn data into a valuable asset.

Layer VPN

Users, upon downloading LayerVPN and having equipped their Data Capsule, are able to earn reward tokens for browsing the web.

Data Economy App

The user's LayerVPN account is paired with their account on the LayerAI Economy App, which functions as a web3 hub of the LayerAI economy.

Application in the Real World:

AI and High-Quality Data in the Communications Industry
Integration of AI and High-Quality data is driving unprecedented change and opening up new possibilities in multiple fields of the Communications industry.
Ensuring a Responsible Technological Future
The synergy of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and high-quality data holds immense promise for driving innovation, enhancing productivity, and improving lives.
Empowering Language Models through AI
The symbiotic relationship between AI and high-quality data forms the cornerstone of advancements in language modeling, paving the way for more intelligent, robust, and ethically responsible LLMs that enrich human-computer interaction and drive innovation across various industries.
Harmonizing AI and Human Creativity: Transforming the Music Industry with High-Quality Data
The marriage of AI and high-quality data with human creativity holds immense promise for the music industry, fostering innovation, expanding access, and enriching artistic expression.
LayerAI Improves Data Quality For:

Ecosystem 1/2: Data Economy App

Improved AI Models
Accurate AI models cannot exist without relying on millions of data points. Our invention allows any business, academia, government, or a person to build AI models with vast data collected by LayerAI.
Economic Backbone
The biggest modern tech companies have been built thanks to the efficient collection and monetization of user data. Big Tech - Meta, Google, Amazon - are data businesses at heart, selling user data to advertisers to become the most valuable companies in the world.
AI Models
AI requires advanced data to train more sophisticated algorithms - companies that supply high-quality data will reap the benefits of this surge in demand.
Advanced Data Assets
Within the current state of the market, there exists a market opportunity to create a digital blockchain-based global data marketplace.
Mass Adoption Ready
LayerAI unlocks mass adoption by offering apps and users new ways to monetize and productize something that they already have: data.
Sustainable Ecosystem
LayerAI has diversified income funnels from different pools of industries, making it not reliant on any particular cause and robust against volatility.

Ecosystem 2/2: LayerVPN

01. Unlock A Layer Of Security
A VPN helps keep you safe from different kinds of security risks - someone spying on your internet traffic, fake Wi-Fi networks, and people intercepting your data. If you travel, work remotely, or use public Wi-Fi often, use LayerVPN to stay protected.
02. Maintain A Layer Of Privacy
When you use a LayerVPN, it helps protect your identity from websites, apps, and services that try to follow your online activity.

LayerVPN also keeps your internet provider, mobile carrier, and other people from seeing what you do online because of strong encryption.
03. A Layer For Every Device, Globally
A VPN helps keep you safe from different kinds of security risks - someone spying on your internet traffic, fake Wi-Fi networks, and people intercepting your data.

If you travel, work remotely, or use public Wi-Fi often, use LayerVPN to stay protected.
04. Layer For Speed
LayerVPN has been designed with connectivity and browsing speed in mind.

More security, anonymity, and privacy does not come at a cost of speed.

In fact, we reduce tracking, malware attacks and other third parties that may be slowing your connection.

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