Data capsule

Data Capsules: Asset that Restores the Value of Data Ownership in the AI Age

Companies in the internet economy take advantage of user data.

The true owner of the data - the user - never knows the value nor benefits from their digital data.

The Data Capsule is a blockchain-based asset (NFT) that helps you own and monetize your digital data.

More importantly, it lets you choose who has access to your data. Data Capsule is a building block to a truly decentralized and user-owned web3.

The way it was set forth by the creators of the Internet.


How to Understand and Maximize Efficiency

Frequently asked questions about Data Capsule NFTs.
What perks can you unlock?
Data Capsules are NFTs that allow to monetize your behavioral data. AI Capsules represent your dataset, acquired from your activity browsing on the Internet.
What sets Data Capsules apart?
Data Capsules are defined by their earning capacity, longevity, and other characteristics, which dictate their effectiveness in earning DATUM reward tokens.
Why are Data Capsules needed?
Data Capsules are unique on-chain NFTs that store your activity data. The LayerAI ecosystem lets you build your data capsule so AI development requests can use it – only with your permission, and for the amount of money you want.
make your choice

Choose an AI Data Capsule NFT That Suits Your Choice of Apps

Your AI Data Capsule NFTs determine how much you can earn by using everyday apps.
Tier 1
Longevity: 12 months
Tier 2
Longevity: 18 months
Tier 3
Longevity: 24 months
Tier 4
Longevity: 30 months
Tier 5
Longevity: 36 months

AI Capsule Details

Parsing strength
Computational strength

Data Capsules are unique. Choose the one that suits YOU.

More NFTs owned gives more total energy for increased daily earning cap.
Learn About the Stats
Analyze and Find Undervalued Assets
Generate an AI Data Capsule

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