LayerAI is an Ethereum layer-2 and its native asset is the LAI token.

The LAI token is the first of its kind multi-value gas token. It has necessary demand as fuel for network transactions. It is topped up with value funnels from validator staking, cash flow from Core products, and power of fee treasury which can be deployed for liquidity events like buy backs, burns, and/or expanded yield.

Global Data Marketplace

AI Models
AI Construction
AI Advertising
AI Education
AI Tourism
AI Logistics
AI Biotech
AI Manufacturing

Ecosystem income

Every sustainable ecosystem requires income sources, and only then can sustainable value be created for its community. LayerAI has diversified income funnels, making it not reliant on any particular cause and robust against volatility.
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1.1 | Gas
Transaction fees are a reliable and highly scalable form of ecosystem income. As a foundation for the decentralized AI economy, LayerAI is a high throughput and minimal cost network, making it the go-to platform for applications that want to cater the billions of AI customers.
1.2 | Core Apps
Core Apps are developed by the Foundation to kickstart the ecosystem data economy. They also serve as a pillar for ecosystem income.
1.3 | LayerAI Data Market
The crown jewel of the ecosystem: a platform for developers and companies to offer consented data to purchasers. The LAI Data Market has the potential to disrupt the global data trade in favor of the common man.
1.4 | Data Capsules
The NFT that sets the golden standard for utility. Each Data Capsule carries the unique data imprint of its data miner. These are purchased either directly by end-point customers or acquired and then distributed by developers and companies.

Cash Flow to $LAI Token

LAI stakers, among a variety of utilities, get power of the ecosystem treasury. The ecosystem treasury is fed by certain ecosystem income funnels, and is the essential means of re-distributing the wealth generated by the AI revolution.
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2.1 | Buy Backs
The DAO controlled by LAI stakers can vote to use treasury funds to buy back LAI from the open market.
2.2 | Burns
The DAO controlled by LAI stakers can vote to use treasury funds to run constant burns of LAI tokens bought from the market.
2.3 | High Yield
The DAO controlled by LAI stakers can vote to use treasury funds to buy LAI tokens on the market and distribute these to stakers to provide a generously high staking yield.
2.4 | Venture Investments
The DAO controlled by LAI stakers can vote to use treasury funds to buy seed and private investments, particularly in other AI developments, to exponentially grow community stake in the AI economy. The status quo disruption turns the community into the VC.

Ecosystem Value

As the first of its kind multi-value native asset, LAI tokens have ecosystem value beyond gas. The tokens can be staked or held for a variety of powerful utilities.
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3.1 | Discounts
LAI token stakers can unlock discounts across a variety of ecosystem products, particularly the LAI Data Market. This utility has the potential to drive mass distribution, with each participant in the ecosystem having a serious incentive to lock up LAI.
3.2 | Liquidity
As the native asset of the ecosystem and unstoppable decentralized gas token, LAI cannot be censored, making it a powerful money for the data economy it builds. Data miners and buyers transacting in LAI have the benefit of immediate liquidity and forego the fees of having to trade in/out of other money.
3.3 | Network Validation
LAI token stakers lock up their position to validate the network. These can be delegated as well. The ecosystem nodes in turn earn a portion of block rewards, which mature to be sustained by network transaction fees.

Ecosystem income

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Token circulation:

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